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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



 How long has Cloud Nine Garage Solutions been in business?

We have been in business since 2016, but we have been active in the construction field since 2005.

 Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured.

 Are your installers subcontracted or employees?

All of our installers are employees trained by us to install our products. We do not use subcontractors.

 Do you charge for in-home estimates?

We never charge for in-home estimates. When we are on the phone with you, we determine whether or not an in-home estimate is required. In most cases, it is not. If it’s required, we will set up a time to visit with you at your home during business hours.

 What are your business hours?

We perform installation and in-home estimates Monday-Friday from 10am-5:30pm. With installs we stay until the job is done..

 Do you have a showroom?

We don’t have a showroom for a specific reason. We like to visit your home in order to view your specific garage and storage needs. We bring samples with us as well.

 Do you have a minimum dollar amount to come out and perform installations?

Yes, our minimum is $500.00. In some cases, we can accommodate something smaller if the customer is flexible. For example, we might come install something for you when we are in the area or on the way back from completing another project. A $50.00 service charge will apply to any installation under our minimum.

 My garage is a mess, do I have to move everything for your team to install?

Yes, the best idea is to move everything away from the areas where work is performed. Our installers can assist you in moving large items out of the way in areas where they need to work. When installing garage flooring, the customer needs to have all items off the floor so we can work. We found that most homeowners usually rent a Uhaul truck for flooring jobs at a very affordabile daily rate. They then simply just park it in their driveways loaded with all garage items during the day.

 Can I purchase products from you and install on my own?

We only sell products that we install. Most of these products have a level of difficulty that is beyond a typical homeowner. Only products installed by Cloud Nine Garage Solutions get our Cloud Nine Garage Solutions Lifetime Warranty.

 What makes Cloud Nine Garage Solutions different than the other garage enhancement companies?

We are not a franchise. Because of this, we are able to offer the best products on the market from a variety of vendors to fit your needs. We also offer more than one version of particular types of products to provide you with options to meet your budget. We always try to put the customer first.


Garage Cabinets


 What are your Garage Cabinets made of?

Our garage cabinets are made of furniture-grade melamine which is a high-quality dense particle board with a heat-fused factory-applied laminate finish.

 How thick is the material used on your Garage Cabinets?

We use 3/4″ and 1″ thick melamine.

 What are the Garage Cabinets mounted up off the floor?

In the garage environment, unlike the inside of your home, insects, mice, dirt, debris, etc can be present. Mounting the cabinets off the floor eliminates the potential for nesting, which makes it easier to clean the garage. Toe kicks are availabe as an option, but are not recommended.

 Do all of your Garage Cabinets have full backs?

The only cabinets we offer with full backs are found in our Signature Series Garage Cabinets.

 Do you recommend full backs on Garage Cabinets?

Absolutely. Our Full Back Garage Cabients are fixed into place on all four sides of the cabinet box in a slotted dado, secured by the cabinet sides. This allows for superior strength and larger size capability.

 Do you provide custom sizes if needed on your Garage Cabinets?

Yes, on our Signature Series Garage Cabinets, with the expection of the Powder Coated Finishes.

 Some competitors promote more hinges on their Garage Cabinets than Cloud Nine Garage Solutions.

Our hinge quantity is a certain way for good reason. If you provide a cheap hinge, you will need to use plenty. 1). We use top-quality 6-way adjustable soft close hinges on our Signature Series Garage Cabinets. 2). The hinge plates that are connected to the inside of the cabinet sides on any cabinet will always interfere with the adjustment of the shelves in the cabinet. Too many hinges means less flexibility and less shelving adjustment. It also makes cabinet doors harder to adjust. More hinges is nothing more than a sales gimmick.

 What about plugs and light switches, do they get covered up by Garage Cabinets?

On our full-back cabinets, we remove the face place on any plug. We then cut a hole and remount the plate over the cabinet back. You will not lose any plug access due to the cabinets.

 Are your Garage Cabinets made in North America?

All of our Garage Cabinets are made in the USA from American-made materials.


Garage Flooring


 How soon can I get back into the garage once the garage floor coating is completed?

Our Gold and Platinum Packages can be walked on in 8 hours, and you can park your vehicles in 24 hours after completion. Our Silver and Bronze Packages take longer, and depend on the time of year.

 My home is new, do my floors still need to be prepped, as I would like to save some money and not have it prepped?

All concrete, new or old, needs to be prepped. It opens up the pores, allowing the base coat to penetrate the surface, creating a strong bond. Only properly prepped garage floors will receive warranty coverage.

 One of your competitors tols me that it takes up to three days to do a garage floor.

We have a Trained Flooring Crew. A single person could take up to 2-3 days or more to do a garage floor. Many competitors are simply a one-man-in-a-truck business. We started out the same way. A crew has many advantages, as they work as a team, and can achieve better results than any one single installer. Some of the most advanced coatings have very fast curing times. A single operator would not be able to successfully install those types of floors under any circumstance. From our own experience, a single operator can often only provide you with certain processes that he or she is able to perform, not what is best on the market. Since 2008, we have learned that homeowners would rather get back in the garage sooner than later instead of waiting through lengthy and unnecessary installation times.

 Do you cover the side walls with the garage floor coating?

All of the stem walls and exposed concrete surface inside the garage are covered.

 Does your garage floor coating cover the area outside the garage door where it meets the driveway?

As a rule, no. This area is called the skirt. It will be hit constantly by the garage door and other outside debris. We can do it for an additional charge, but our warranty does not apply here.

 Does everything have to be out of the garage during the Garage Floor Coating Installation?

Everything that is on the floor does. Storing and moving items is the responsibility of the customer before installation. If you have a few large items that you can’t handle, we are happy to assist you on the morning of the installation. We have dollies on our truck. We can also provide suggestions on how to store your items cost effectively during the installation. Give us a call and we can help.

 What if I drop something and I damage the new garage floor coating?

The floor is very tough, but this can happen. In most cases, we can fix this for free when we are close by provided that you accommodate our schedule. Otherwise, when we fix your floor there can be a nominal charge.


Garage Shelving


 What is better, wall mounted Garage Shelving or Overhead Ceiling Racks?

Every garage is different, but in most cases we find garage ceilings tend to be lower. This makes wall-mounted shelving a better fit for most areas of the garage. Overhead Ceiling Racks are generally used as a secondary storage option over the garage door.

 What is the weight capacity of your Garage Shelving?

Monkey Bars Garage Shelving is our most popular garage shelving system. It can hold 1,000 lbs per four foot section. We have Wire Garage Shelving that holds 200lb and 300lb. per four foot section as well.

 Do you recommend Wired Grid Shelving or Solid Surface Garage Shelving?

Solid Surface Shelving like Monkey Bars is the best option for several reasns. Solid surfaces allow you to store smaller items in addition to larger boxes and totes. Wire Grid is limited and is suited only for larger objects. Solid surface is also easier to clean.

 Will wall shelving interfere with vehicles?

No. Your vehicle is angeled from about the mid-point of the door panel toward the top of the vehicle. Our garage shelving is placed high enough to be out of the way, but low enough to be accessible.


Overhead Ceiling Racks


 How are the Overhead Ceiling Racks secured to the ceiling?

They are anchored using Lag Screws, which are secured directly into the center of the ceiling joist.

 How many connections are there to the ceiling per ceiling rack?

Our Residential 600 Series provides 8 per rack, and our Commercial 750 Series have 16 points of contact (the highest on the market).

 How low can the Overhead Ceiling Racks come down from the ceiling?

A 48″ drop maximum is standard. We can extend further with added extensions for an additional cost.

 Does your Overhead Rack platform have a safety lip?

Yes, all the way around.

 How many joists is the Overhead Ceiling Rack mounted on?

All of our Overhead Ceiling Rack legs are mounted into two separate joists each. These add support and safety. Most competitors’ systems are only mounted into a single ceiling joist per leg.

 Can your Overhead Ceiling Racks be mounted into walls?

Yes, this is unique to our Overhead Ceiling Racks. When installed against a wall, we have special mounts that secure the back side into the wall only using legs on the front side. This increases the weight capacity of an 8′ rack from 600lbs to 750lbs and 750lbs to 1,000lbs. It looks better and more streamlined.

 If I want my Overhead Ceiling RAcks over my garage door, how much clearance do I need?

This depends on what you want to store. Measure the height of the largest item you want to store, then measure the distance from the garage ceiling to the highest point on the garage door. Deduct 4 inches from that total. If the dimension left is inline with your storage item, then you are good to go. We can also help you with this when we perform an estimate.

 Will the Overhead Ceiling Racks bow in the midddle from the weight?

Even weight distribution on any Overhead Ceiling Rack is important. Our legs, as you can see, are positional. We center the legs four feet apart to balance the support. In addition to our legs being top of the line, they do not flex like “L” channel supports that are commonly used. Legs positioned on the four corners of the racks will be more prone to bowing in the center of the rack, which puts stress on the fasteners and joists.

 How large can you make a Single Overhead Storage Rack?

Our 750 Series Commercial Rack and the Monkey Bars Overhead Racks are unique because they can be made in any legth in 2′ increments with no obstructions between sections. We call this our Super Platform.

 What if the Ceiling Joists are Engineered Joists?

If they are engineered joists, there is not sufficient material to secure the Ceiling Racks into the ceiling. We recommend Monkey Bars Wall Mounted Inverted Shelves as an alternative for storage over the garage door.


Wall Organizers – PVC Slatwall


 Is your slat wall similar to what retail stores use for displays?

It is the same concept but very different. Our slatwall is made of PVC extruded plastic. It can be cleaned with water and won’t be damaged like MDF slatwall. It also has a much higher weight capacity.

 Is the finish on the slat wall painted on?

No, it is part of the plastic pellets before the product is extruded. The color is all the way through and can’t be scratched off.

 Does slat wall protect my garage walls?

Absolutely. It protects them like no other garage product. Bike tires, dirty yard tools, kids’ toys, etc will not mark it. Dirt is easily wiped off with a rag.

 What do you do about the seams and cut edges on the slat wall?

We use moldings to cover all seams and sharp cut edges.

 Does the slat wall cover plugs, switches, electrical panels, etc.?

We cut the slatwall to accommodate all plugs and switches. We then remount the face plates over the top. We cut around and remount some items on top of the slatwall, such as sprinkler boxes.

 What accessories fit your slat wall?

Our slatwall sizing is 3″ on center and very standard. We stock a wide variety of accessories, but any 3″ on center accessory will fit the system which is one of its best features.

 Do you stock all slat wall colors?

We stock Grey, Taupe, Light Maple, Black and White. All other are available special order with minimum order requirements.

 How is the slat wall mounted to the wall?

Color-matched screws are used to secure the slatwall into wall studs horizontally and every 12″ vertically. This can be very time consuming, but this makes the way it’s attached stronger.

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